Teen Gives Her Friend Pair of Sneakers He Couldn't Afford

Acts of kindness come in all shapes and sizes, and not all of them have to be world shaking. Making a difference oftentimes comes in the form of a sweet gesture, like what this South Carolina teen did for her classmate. The teen bought her friend a new pair of sneakers after she found out he needed a pair. Sofi Cruz Turner heard her friend Jahiem say he really needed a new pair of shoes. The Conway High School sophomore had recently gotten a job and figured she had the means to get him a pair. She saved up money and asked for her mom and grandfather’s help in order to purchase the pair. "He has always been that one student where he does all of his work when due, never misses school, always helping the teacher out with stuff in class, and always being a happy human being," Turner posted on Facebook. “Seeing him crying was very emotional because I could see that he didn’t know what to think. I am so grateful to know that giving Jahiem those shoes made him so happy and allowing me to realize that giving someone something so special can be life changing.”

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