What Will Happen to the Tesla Roadster and Starman in Space?

What Will Happen to the Tesla Roadster and Starman? On Tuesday, SpaceX launched Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy into space with a Tesla Roadster and crash dummy inside. The goal was to send the dummy, named ‘Starman,’ on orbit to Mars – and Musk predicted it would take millions or even billions of years until then. A livestream was started to show viewers Starman’s dissent into space, but it is slated to end 12 hours after the initial launch. According to CBC News, Starman missed Mars’s orbit and is headed a little bit father than originally planned – To the asteroid belt. Musk entertained the idea of what could be in store for Starman. Elon Musk at press conference Yes, Musk had a toy car also mounted on the inside of the car.